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Welcome, my name is Elena and I am a nomadic & traveler wedding photographer

I’m an italian professional photographer specialized in portrait and wedding photography. I live and travel in my camper to tell stories and capture memories.

This lifestyle has taught me to open up to the world and to create an incredible relationship even with people I met along my travels, all this can be read in my intimate, candid and dreamy photography.

Italy, my hometown, is a place where I love to work, from the northernmost tip to the southernmost tip, but my curiosity and my “thirst for travel” leads me to discover and tell about new countries and new cultures, especially if I can join them aboard my home on wheels. Wherever you are, I will make sure to reach you.

I work with a limited number of events each year


My style is a mix of intimate portraits & spontaneous moments captured with a unique sensitivity.

Wedding photography is much more than the story of a day of celebration, it is about people, their stories and, most importantly, their emotions. I try to capture emotions and imprint them in memory by experiencing them in the first person, as if they were mine. In recent years as a wedding photographer I have learned that images can do much more than tell, they can relive the dream, the intimacy and spontaneity of every single moment. I’m here to help you relive not just your memories, but every single emotion.

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