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My name is Elena Gatti and it’s no a coincidence that I love cats. At home, along with me and my wife Alessia, live 4 splendid cats.

Our house is a bit like Neverland where everything revolves around smiles, love and fun.
Our house will soon become a house on wheels with which we could reach new places and know where to live and tell new stories, your stories!

If you are here you will understand that I am a wedding photographer, but in reality I am much more!
I’m a destination wedding photographer, traveling photographer, engagement and love photographer.

In the 32 years of my (long?) life I realized that the really important things are the simplest and most natural ones, like an early morning smile, a kind word, an “I love you” barely whispered or an unexpected caress.
I realized that emotions are our true “daily bread”, but we often forget about them. In my photography, however, I never forget about them. Never.

This is what I do: I feed on emotions, your emotions, I breathe and savor them and then I leave them in my images that, after some time, they will still be able to excite you.
I love my job because every day allows me to discover new stories, to tell them and make them my own.

Wedding photography is the most beautiful emotional story I have ever photographed.
Every story is unique, every story is different and I’ll be happy to meet you and tell your story.

Love is the oxygen of my every image, emotions are the threads that weave the story of your wedding day.

if you want to find out more about my work you can visit the site dedicated to portrait, boudoir and burlesque photography: www.elenagattiph.com

If you want to know me better in this video I speak first of all about the importance of time: remember to live!
Unfortunately it’s only in Italian, I promise I’ll put subtitles in English!