My First goal is to create Intimate, Real
& Naturals images to tell Your story

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Hello, I'm Elena.
I'll tell you a little about me!

I started to get passionate about photography about 10 years ago and I immediately felt that I had finally found a way to express myself and my emotions. Since then I have always been evolving, looking for my personal vision of what surrounds me, whether they are places, people or, emotions.

My style is very personal and may not be for everyone, but often with the people who choose me I can create a unique feeling.

My Life

In recent years I have changed a lot, I made a life choice that I never expected to make, as crazy as it is wonderful: to live and travel aboard my camper with my wife Alessia and our cat Dorian.

For some years I have embraced a minimalist philosophy that is teaching me to give importance to even the smallest and apparently insignificant things, such as stopping to listen to a bird’s song, sitting down to wait for the sunset or open the attic window of my camper to admire the sunrise.

I travel slowly, I change places almost every day, I stop to talk to new people and I’m amazed every time how much the world is a wonderfully rich place. I’m curious, I read, listen, but above all I LIVE.

I travel slowly... but above all I LIVE